Sunday, 1 December 2013

How to Earn Money??

Share and Earn Money

Share and Earn Money

In the present scenario of the world the biggest tension of average people is getting a job. But nowadays with an increasing urge for getting paid without much effort, the world has changed. Today you get paid for jobs like sharing a link, referring members, publishing ads on your websites and so on. The internet has changed the current condition.

Today I am going to tell you about one such good website which pays you just to create an account and share a link. There are many websites promising to give money for referrals but later it turns out to be just a setup to fool people. But here we present a trending site "Share and Earn Money". As this site is new they are giving everyone $10 just as a signup bonus and $1 for every new person you redirect to their website using the link they provide you after you Sign Up. This money immediately gets added to your Share and Earn Money's account which can later be payed out using cheque, Paypal and other payment methods. 

On a personal note. I would say that if you want to earn money just to share a link you could try this website-Share and Earn Money.


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