Wednesday, 8 January 2014

How to use a Shape as a Text Box in Microsoft Powerpoint?

Among many features of Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010, it also allows its user to use Shapes as Text Boxes, which means you can add a Shape in your slide and then you can use it as a Text Box to write text inside it,  making the presentations more beautiful.
The shapes can be added in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 using the Shapes Option Under the Insert Tab.

Screenshot of Backstage View of Insert Tab:

Steps to add a Rectangular Shape and Use it as a Text Box:

1.      To open the dropdown menu, click on the Shapes icon.      

Screenshot of the dropdown menu of the Shapes option:

2.      Clicking on the Shapes icon opens a dropdown menu containing a list of available shapes like Lines, Rectangles, Basic Shapes, Block Arrows, Equation Shapes, Flowcharts ,etc. Click on the first Rectangle Shape as shown in the screenshot below.      

Screenshot of the Shapes dropdown menu:

3.      Now the cursor changes. Click on the area you want to create your rectangle and move the cursor away to create the rectangle.   

Screenshot of the Changed Cursor:

4.      Now the Rectangle is created. Click on the Rectangle and it shows a blinking cursor in the middle allowing you to Enter the Text.

Screenshot of the created Rectangle after clicking on it:

5.      Enter the Text in the Rectangle and press Enter.     

Screenshot of the Rectangle Shape after entering the text:

 And that's how you you can use a shape as a text box.If you like this post do encourage us by liking our Facebook page or by subscribing our blog.



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