Tuesday, 30 July 2013

How to Completely Delete Applications from Mac OS X with AppCleaner

We have shown you how to uninstall Mac apps before, but some applications can leave residual elements around in the form of preferences, plist files, caches, logs, and even the origin DMG or PKG installer. If you want to thoroughly remove all traces of an application but don’t want to dig around in various directories to find and delete those extra files yourself, you should download AppCleaner for Mac OS X.
AppCleaner is a free utility that completely removes a Mac application and uninstalls all traces of it from the computer, including all those hard to find preference and log files. Grab AppCleaner and read on for how to use the app.

Deleting Mac Applications with AppCleaner

Using AppCleaner is very easy and any application can be deleted in just a few short steps:
  1. Launch AppCleaner and drag an application to delete into it
  2. Confirm the app and all related files to delete, uncheck those you wish to keep
  3. Delete Mac App with AppCleaner
  4. Click on “Delete” to remove the app and delete all trace files specified

Use AppCleaner as an Uninstaller Program

You can also choose to use AppCleaner more like a traditional uninstaller program similar to that found in WIndows. This will provide a list of all installed Mac apps and let individual or groups of apps be deleted through AppCleaner:
  1. Open AppCleaner, instead of dragging in an app just click on the “Applications” tab
  2. Check the box next to an app or apps to delete, and then click on “Search”
  3. Confirm the apps and their files, and click on “Delete” to remove all traces
Delete Apps with AppCleaner
Default applications will show a lock icon demonstrating they can’t be removed with AppCleaner, but if you wish to do this you can delete default apps in a more technical process with the help of the command line.
AppCleaner is compatible with most versions of OS X and there are two versions available to download for free, an older version supports Mac OS X 10.4 through Mac OS X 10.6.5, and the newest version supports Mac OS X 10.6.6 through Mac OS X 10.7.3+.


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