Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Command line shortcut for lengthy SSH commands

We love tips that make your computing life easier, and this command line tip from Cedrik Morgan falls into that category:
“If you have a server that you commonly access a nice way to avoid typing a lengthy command like ‘ssh -l admin’ over and over again is to create an alias in your .profile, here’s how to set it up:
From the command line use a text editor, I’ll suggest nano because it’s easy to use, type:
nano .profile
and add the following line to your .profile:
alias servername="ssh -l username -p port"
now instead of typing out the ful ‘ssh serverIP blah blah’ command, you can just type servername, much easier! “

Thanks Cedrik! We’ve covered the alias command a bit in the past with the article titledLaunching GUI Applications from the Terminal, check it out for more info.


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