Sunday, 4 August 2013

How to Get iPhone Photo GPS & Geolocation Data

If you want to know exactly where a photo was taken with an iPhone, the file can tell you that, thanks to it’s embedded GPS and geolocation data. Here’s how to look up that GPS & Geographic data on a photo taken with an iPhone:
  • Open an iPhone picture with Preview
  • Bring up the Inspector by hitting Command+i or by navigating to Tools -> Show Inspector
  • Click on the Info button (icon with an i on it)
  • Click on the GPS tab
iphone picture gps data
From here you can see all sorts of GPS data about the picture, including the altitude that the picture was taken, the altitude reference, degree of precision (accuracy), the latitude, longitude, and time stamp.
Preview even includes a map of the world with the photos location shown on it with a target, you can then click on the “Locate” button within Preview to open up Google Maps to pull up the exact location filled in with the GPS coordinates provided by the EXIF data.
It’s some pretty impressive geographic and geotagged data thanks to the iPhone’s built-in GPS, which has led to some privacy concerns when people share photos online. This has mostly been remedied with the newest system update, since prior to the iPhone OS 4 download became available you couldn’t easily disable this data.


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