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How to Make a Video Call on Samsung Galaxy S3

A telephone was made to keep away the distances by communicating between far way peoples. Mobile phones have developed that concept by making the technology wireless. More advancement has been made with the arrival of video calling. If you can make a video call with a far away beloved person then you can understand the true value of this technology.
Hey, reader, don’t be irritated, don’t think this article is written by a high-school student. I know the starting part sounds like the beginning of a school essay. Actually, I was trying to make a geek like atmosphere here (which is way beyond my scope).
Let us come to the point: making a video call on Samsung Galaxy S3. Well, you can do this via your 3G Network or with a video calling app.

Make a Video Call on 3G

Madam (if you are girl,{ I like the girls, [I really love beautiful girls]}) or Sir or Boy, whoever you are, you must consider one thing first, that is making a video call via 3G costs money. The rate of video calling will be higher than old school voice calling. First check it with your operator.
To make a video call via 3G do the followings:
1) Find out the dialer button below and tap it.
2) Select the contact you wish to dial.
3) Now, find out the video call button on the bottom left side of the dialer.
4) Tap it to enable video call. If you are out of 3G service area then you shall get a message that video call will not be possible.
5) The recipient of your phone must also have an active 3G connection to receive the video call.
6) The video call will enable the other user to see your face. Now if you are video calling your mother and at that time your girl friend wants to kiss you, what will you do then? Yes, you can hide your face by selecting the Hide me option on the pop-up menu.
7) You can anytime show your face to your Mom after that by selecting Show me.
8) You can also switch between the front and back camera by selecting switch camera.
9) Anytime, the call will be ended by selecting the end call.

Making Video Call via Skype

Skype is the most popular video calling app. It has a very popular PC client too. You can download Skype for free from the Google Play Store. You need to create an account to be able to make any call. The recipient must also have Skype installed on a phone or PC for a successful video call. Skype works better on a good wi-fi connection. The best thing about Skype is it is free (off course, if you do not consider the data cost).

Another Option Fring

Fring is a rival of Skype. But Fring has no PC clients. But this app is on every mobile platform. Even if you have an old Nokia Symbian phone, it is good to go. Like Skype you can also download it for free from the Play store on your Samsung Galaxy S3 and make a video call.

Do a Video Group Chat on Your Samsung Galaxy S3 using Google Hangouts

Google Hangout is an exciting service by Google. You can download the Hangouts app for free. You can connect with a group of friends on a video conference via this app. The maximum number of participants will be 10. You can also make individual video calls.

There are more such android apps available for making video calls using your precious SGS3 phone. You can check these out on the Play Store. I shall also write an article about the best Android video apps soon.
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