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How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace

Root Samsung Galaxy Ace
If you want to root your Samsung Galaxy Ace mobile phone, you need to follow this step by step guide. Most of the common users are scared of rooting their Android phones, but this is not a very tough thing to do.
The method which is going to be described here has been tested on many Galaxy Ace devices without any problem. So, if you follow the steps correctly, it is very much possible that you shall also be successful.

Why Root?

If you have not much clear ideas about the benefits of root your phone, then proceed and read this paragraph. If you root your phone then you shall get what is rightfully yours. You shall become the admin of your phone. You shall have the power to make or break.
A rooted mobile phone can be tweaked with any code. The operating system becomes open as well as the hardware. So, you can overcome many hardware limitations by proper codes and applications.
Yes, you can over-clock the processor of the phone to run it faster. You can force it to use the external memory card as internal storage and thus you can get huge storage place for thousands of apps. You can uninstall junk apps provided by the manufacturers or can stop any process, service or thread to free up more RAM. The possibilities are endless.


This hub is for educational purposes only. It contains such a guide which you should follow with caution. You should understand the risk involved. You should know what you are doing. if you bricked your phone, loss all data or any such damages took place while you following this guide, this site or the author will not be responsible. Go with your own risk.


  • You need to get help from an experienced fellow or from an expert if you are a complete novice.
  • Make sure that the phone has at least 60% charge. Do not let the phone die during the root process.
  • You need to take backup of your important data from the phone. You can use cloud services to store valuable data like contacts, voice mails etc.
  • Don’t stop the root process suddenly during the operation.
  • This guide is for Samsung Galaxy S5380, please do not try to implement the steps on any other mobile phone.


· A PC or a Laptop computer.
· A data cable for the phone.
· The root tool (link given below)
· The Samsung Galaxy Ace mobile phone.
· A good and working internet connection.

The Initial Stage

1) Power your PC on and connect it with the internet. Stop your urge of checking Facebook.
2) Download this zip from here.
3) Bring your precious phone near the PC and connect it with the USB cable.
4) Transfer the zip from the computer to the phone’s SD card.
5) Disconnect the phone from the computer.

The Final Stage

You have not finished your job yet. There are few more steps to do. So, switch your phone and, yes, do not open Facebook now.
1) Enable USB debugging on the phone. Do not you know what kind of an insect is it? No need, just go to Settings > Application > Development > Enable USB Debugging. That’s all man, so simple.
2) It is the time to switch your Galaxy Ace off.
3) Now switch it on again. While booting press and hold the Volume Up + Power + Home buttons.
4) The phone will go to the recovery mode.
5) Inside recovery mode you have to select Install zip from SD card.
6) Now select the “Choose zip from SD card” option to find out and select the zip file downloaded before.
7) Now the installation process will begin and it will last for at least 10 minutes.
8) After that select “Wipe Cache” and “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” to clean the phone from all the installation junk files.
9) After selecting go back, you need to choose “Reboot System Now”.
10) Your phone will be rebooted and you shall get it rooted.


All is well that ends well. I shall be happy to learn about your success. Remember, by rooting you shall get a lot of opportunities to renovate your Galaxy Ace.
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